Our Credo

SORCE unlocks a completely new way for people to relate to energy. Using biometrics to quantify human energy, SORCE visualizes what’s going on in your body and then teaches you how to regenerate it.

Yogis and sages practice for decades to develop this higher level of inner-knowing and discernment, but energetic literacy isn’t taught to the masses.

We learn about staying active and eating our fruits and veggies, which all help, but we aren’t taught how to cycle energy to sustain or create more health and vitality. In fact, more than 75% adult Americans report that they are experiencing symptoms of burnout.

The root cause of this astounding statistic is due to the fact that our our culture has conditioned us to think about life in extractive ways – to take. To take from each other, to take from the earth, to take from our own bodies and energy reserves without any real consideration of lasting consequences. Our normal is to take from the source faster than it can regenerate, which has led to the numerous collective epidemics we are facing as a humanity.

However, we are in the middle of a paradigm shift. More people are experiencing pain than ever before, and as the collective pain intensifies, the Human Energy Crisis has become too big to ignore.

SORCE is here to help solve this, and we can’t do it alone. Burnout out is reversible, but it will require each and everyone of us to listen to the wisdom of our bodies and align with SORCE.

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